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Me And Bowie

December 1, 2016 • Jocelyn

When I was 13, I gave myself a shag hairstyle over the Easter holiday.

They published a how-to instructions in a magazine for teenage girls.

When I came back to school, they made fun of me because I looked like David Bowie on the album’s cover art of Hunky Dory. I don’t mind-he was a British rock star!

It was cool and I wasn’t hurt!

In early 1976, it happened again. I got the newly famous Hamill wedge cut, and leaving the salon, went past the record store I was immediately mocked for being a twin to the front of the Young Americans.

This time, I not only do not mind, but actively took fashion cues from his androgynous style. When you are a teenager with a figure described as “flat as a Board” and still higher than most of the boys, was androgyny rather natural.

Bowie influenced me in more ways than just fashion. Back in the 70s I knew only what I read in music magazines; in the 80s, what was reported on MTV and VH1. I pictured him as a chameleon, a rebel, a person who could change from a fluidly style to the other, never caring what the creation idea, only after his muse. I wanted to be there to do it, and in many ways, I’ve incorporated the feeling into my life.

Thanks for sharing your creativity with alien world, David. I always say, I have no heroes; but we can be heroes, just for one day. Rest in peace my friend.

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