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8 Ways to Host a Fantastic Baby Shower

December 30, 2016 • Jocelyn

A few weeks ago, I attended the baby shower by my best friend held by her sister-in-law. It was held in Salvador, who is on the Eastside, which is a great place. It was a formal context, but the baby shower was really fun and everyone enjoyed pretty much at night. To be invited to a baby shower is rare, because I must say, getting pregnant is not an everyday thing. It would be difficult, not to mention exhausting, if it was. Well, you know what I mean. The idea that a close friend of yours wearing several pounds inside her belly and the idea of the pain, she might have to endure soon, a few months from now or in the next month, maybe? Kind of worries me. I remember attending a wedding with Traci, when she had that baby bump yet. Now that she has it, looking at her makes me smile even more. I think the idea of having a baby are great when all is ready and prepared to care for and love the child when he or she comes out.

Okay, those are my concerns, but maybe I shouldn’t be worrying too much. The pain will be just for a few hours. Hmm … Have not really pictured myself in those shoes, not just yet. I went to this baby shower. It was a great with a lovely table center piece that really caught my attention. I think that the planners of this baby shower was really creative and it made the event more interesting. Anyone can plan out a great baby shower for their friend and here are 8 things you can do for a spectacular baby shower:

Decide On A Theme

The baby shower theme, which I attended wouldn’t exactly have what I would call a theme, but just a color scheme of white and blue. A color scheme is also great if you don’t know what theme you want. The most common color combinations are pink and white and purple and pink. For boys, you can use red with blue and blue with white. Pastel colors works well for baby showers. Other options could be Disney characters or baby animals. Check out these other themed baby showers:

  • Pink Paris theme – you can use one color for the flowers and the icing on your cupcakes or as a topping on the food you are preparing. Doing so makes your color scheme more visible.
  • Yellow Bumble Bee theme – this theme is a yellow bumble bee theme, which plays around with stripes and yellow. It looks very cute!
  • Blue little man mustache theme – this theme is great for a baby boy because it uses green and blue for the colors. The colors of the cookies look very cute and creative.

Create An Interesting And Welcoming Invitation

The invitation is the first thing that lands in the hands of your guests. Make sure it is interesting and, more importantly, inviting. You can do this by putting in rich colors or playing with fonts and patterns. Make sure your invitation contains all the information that your guests will need as the date, time and place and meeting place. If the venue is a bit challenging to find, you can add a map to the venue. Pastel colors always work, but it would be great if your friends could already see a theme on your invitation and if you how a gendered specific shower you will want to include that in the invitation. Well not directly, you don’t need to spell this out on the invitation, but if you will be hosting for a baby girl you will want to choose a theme that fits. This means that you can pick out a theme for you baby shower and find invitations for girls or boys and just hint about the topic with the style of card that you choose..

Make A Creative Guest List

This was the Traci guest list. It is handmade and I really appreciate that great effort was put into creating the guest list. Since most baby showers are intimate gatherings, your guest or close friend would be happy to see his or her name in a personal guest list.

Prepare For Fun And Games

You can start with an icebreaker or two. Say for example, if your friends have not seen each other long before this baby shower, so you can play a guessing game by acting out your friend’s habits or mannerisms and have them guess who it is. It would be great to find out that you and your oldest and closest friends know each other’s habits and manners and still remember them.

Allocate A Portion Of The Event For The Personal Messages

A great way to make your baby shower memorable is to make sure that each guest gives a heartfelt message for mom-to-be. As this is, most of the time, a women’s-only event, so you say pretty much anything to your friend, girlfriend and soon-to-be-mom. The planner should also communicate to the guests, so they can prepare for a message.

Remind Your Guests To Give Gifts That Will Be Appreciated By The Child

You can include this reminder in your invitation. You can think of a way to give it a lighter or fun approach, a fun and polite way to encourage and inspire them to pick out a nice gift, because they will think of the child.

Of course, this baby shower would be incomplete without a shower of gifts. Gifts need not be expensive. It’s great to give a gift that is useful and relevant for the person to whom you give it, in this case for the child. On the other hand, can you also gifts for your guests. Here are other examples of gifts and gifts.

Prepare A Baby Shower Cake

Baby shower cake is the centerpiece among centerpieces. You can have a customized on your favorite cake shop or you can request one of your friends to customize and bake it for you.

Prepare Delicious Food

Do not require a full meal for events like a baby shower. Prepare finger foods as your snacks and some pasta will do. Of course, don’t forget to integrate some colors that are consistent with your theme and some drinks to perk up your guests.

I hope these tips will help you prepare for your next baby shower. Best of luck!

OK I’m Amused

December 28, 2016 • Jocelyn

Watching people trying to drive out of their parking spaces are fun, especially when:

one) they have not shoveled in the foot and a half of snow from around your car and two) they don’t have gloves or hats, but they have cute high heel boots. More fun: you see a guy break arm of the parking lot gate, so try to get it to stop by packing snow around it.

And the most amusing thing of all: we have a squirrel visitors who keeps knocking on our rear window, hoping for food and/or heat. He has tried in the last two days, and the cat keep trying to go through the window to play with him.

Last night, ‘ round midnight, he knocked desperately, and when I wanted to turn around to look at him, he would stand on his hind legs and wave its front legs. I would laugh, turn away, and he would start again. We did this for half an hour or so, so the cat was trying to play, and the squirrel decided maybe it was not such a good idea.

Also, I want to ski.

Invitations From A Scrapbooker’s Perspective

December 22, 2016 • Jocelyn

So I have been invited to a baby shower and the invitations are a little lack luster. Since I like taking on different projects the idea of designing a nice invitation for a baby shower that fulfilled more than just the obvious requirements was a real thrill. And since I had nothing else to do I began.

What follows is a number of observations that I made when I was working.

When To Make Invitations

When it comes to a baby shower, not many people take the time to sit back and create a budget that shows how much money they have available to spend on baby shower. With having to buy party favors, decorations, food, gifts, and having to pay for a place to host the baby shower, baby showers can be quite expensive, especially if you don’t budget your money. If you’re worried that the money may have to be used elsewhere, or you already know that you don’t have a large budget, is one of the best ways to save money making homemade baby shower invitations. This is a great way to show off your creative side. The good thing about homemade baby shower invitations is that they are personal.

Keep The Invitations Simple

If you have ever had to plan a baby shower, you probably know how expensive baby shower invitations can be. There are only a certain number in a pack, and you usually have to buy three or four packets to send one to all of the people you want to invite. But if you want to save money, try homemade baby shower invitations. Although they will be more time consuming then just go to the store and buy the invitations, they are fun to make.

Some may think that they are hard to do, especially if you are not creative. The good thing about this type of baby shower invitation is that you can decorate them any way you want. Perhaps you use a baby shower theme, which is not so popular. If this is the case, you may not be able to find matching baby shower invitations that you like. This is where home-made invitations will be very important.

Homemade Doesn’t Equal Heartfelt But It Should

Homemade baby shower invitations are also great for those who want to be able to send out something that is personal and heartfelt. Sure to store bought invitations are cute, but there is nothing better than being able to open a baby shower invitation, there is personal and very special.

In order to make your homemade baby shower invitations, you can visit a local craft store and find the materials you need. These include envelopes, stickers, glitter, colored calligraphy pens and anything else you can put on your invitations. Because some people are not good at writing, stamps can really come handy. They are easy to use and you can even get a personal stamp that makes your invitations stand out. You can also use the stamps to tie into your theme. If your theme is jungle animals find stamps with animals, such as lions and zebras.

Choosing Materials

When picking out materials, remember to try to stick to the theme that you have already picked. If you want to shy away from your theme, you can always use some colors that you would find on most baby shower invitations. These include a bright pink or purple for a baby girl, blue for a boy, and yellow or green, if the sex of the baby is not known.

Before you can move forward with your baby shower planning, you must send the baby shower invitations to anyone you’d like to join in! While you can easily walk to the store and buy invitations for your baby shower, you can also do them on your own. Make your own baby shower invitations is more time consuming than to just go to the party store, but it is much more fun. Not only do baby shower invitations fun, you can save a lot of money while being able to add your own personal touch to the invitations.

Of course, for some people, baby shower invitations are made up of an email or a phone call, and sometimes even electronic invitations. But if you make your own, you will be able to use your creativity to create something that is personal and unique. No one will ever have a baby shower invitation as yours! Make your own baby shower invitations will require a trip to the craft store, so that you can get all the materials you need. In the store, you can buy all kinds of materials such as paper, cutouts, scissors with designed borders, stickers, stamps, glitter, calligraphy pens, and so many more things.

Maybe You Should Print Them

If you decide that you would like to set up your baby shower invitations on the computer and just print them out, will you buy thicker paper so that your invitations are not flimsy. You can find clip-art online that you can use to spruce up your baby shower invitations. Online, you can also find baby shower invitations, as others have done in order to get an idea of what you want your own look like.

When you have all your materials, you then decide what you want on the invitation to speak. Of course you have to things like contact information, as well as the location of the baby shower. Most importantly, you will have to decide what you want to put on the front of the invitations. If you have a theme picked out, you can find a way to tie it to your invitations. If you don’t have a theme, you can design baby shower invitations for your baby’s gender. For example, uses light blue paper, your guests know that you are expecting a boy.

If you want to get really creative with your invitations, you can add a picture from your sonogram, or maybe even find a cute baby poem to put on the right side of the invitation. Try to come up with your own short poem that rhymes. Including the child’s name is also a good idea if it is picked already.

Save Some Time

Make your own baby shower invitations will be a little time consuming, but in the end, you’ll feel great about being able to send out something you’ve made by hand. Although you will have to buy materials to make your invitations, you don’t have to worry about buying multiple packages with store-bought invitations. Invitations will have a personal and unique look to them, and your guests will absolutely love them.

Invitation Etiquette For Baby shower

If you are planning a baby shower, you will be sure to follow the rules for baby shower invitations etiquette to make sure that everyone feels comfortable that the reply to the invitation and participate in the special event. After the proper etiquette will also help to reduce the stress in planning of such a great event and help you to better organize your plans for baby shower.

Etiquette for Baby shower invite guests

The first rule of baby shower invitations etiquette focuses on who to invite to your special event. You should not feel obligated to invite people you are not close with or who do not feel will be supportive during such an exciting time. Your guest list should include the names of friends or family members who are important to you and which will add to the beautiful memories you create at your baby shower.

Mailing Baby Shower invitations

Baby shower invitations etiquette can also help you get your invitations are sent in a timely manner, so you have enough time to receive responses and let caterers and other event staff to know how many people will be attending. Rule of thumb for mailing these invitations is to send them out of six to eight weeks ahead of time. This will give them ample time to arrive and for your invitees to respond, so you can keep planning your shower.

Information to be included in Baby Shower invitations

Rules for baby shower invitations etiquette also help you understand what to include in each baby shower invitation. Details of the shower, such as date, time, place and name of the person being honored to be included. You should also include any special instructions. For example, you can include information about the theme of your shower, so that guests know what they should wear or bring to the event. Be sure to also include RSVP information, so people can tell you that they plan to attend.

Baby shower RSVP cards

It can also be a good baby shower invitations etiquette to include reply card with your baby shower invitations. Instead to receive dozens of phone calls, which can be hard to track, simply send back your answer can be invited shortly and let you know if they are able or unable to participate in your baby shower. For an extra touch, you must include a postage-paid envelope so people on your guest list can mail the response card back at no cost to them.

If you follow the rules for baby shower invitations etiquette, it will be much easier to plan your shower and keep track of all the important details.

R&R Scrapbooking

December 19, 2016 • Jocelyn

Over the weekend I was on a nice Scrapbook retreat at a small hideaway B & B for some due deserved R&R before Christmas. While it was only 15 minutes from home it felt like it was a completely different world and is located in a beautiful pine forest. I love this area, as it is near where I grew up as a child and winds through pine trees is a very beautiful, soothing, “homey” sound for me. There were about 20 of us scrapbooking all weekend long! It was a beautiful creative weekend with friends!

As I waited for my loved one to bring me a few things I forgot at home, I took a break from my scrapbook pages and focused on the latest challenge at the Funkie Junkie blog challenge. The challenge is graciously sponsored by the Funkie Junkie Boutique. Earlier this week I tried a few different ideas for the challenge, but I just could not get them to work. So I left it and let the ideas floating around in my brain.

For one of my ideas in the past I had stitched a heart from some Tim Holtz Symphony fabric and it was at my Scrapbook table just sitting there gazing at me. Daring me in his own sweet way to use it. Then came the idea for a Christmas’s day banner. I’m not usually a very large Christmas celebrator so it is interesting that I went in the direction of travel. After several hours, a couple of different directions on design choices, and helping others at the retreat, here is my Sing, Sing, Sing project. I hope it makes your heart sing!

Process on the tag was sort of sticky, literally, but I got a grip.

I started with last season’s Heartstrings CTMH paper. I grabbed some graphic 45 kraft paper tags. I traced the outlines of 3 tag on 2 different printed papers (one is the darker red hearts and the other with the pink arrow).

I have then used a Circuit stamp cut out of the newspaper printed paper from the package with the paper. I cut out the tags and cut them on G45 tags. I used a 1 inch circle punch for the hole at the “bottom” where the hole is. It is not a perfect cut, but close enough. I have then used some Whisper grey colored paper and made breathed circle badges from Tim Hotlz decorative strip (initially I was going to use these but woudn with them as a height lifter). I edged stamp carvings with Eggplant colored ink and attached them to the circle badges. I edged the main tags with cranberry ink.

Next, I grabbed a piece of Eggplant colored paper and Tim Holtz # 4 creative textures stamp (the swirly,). The stamped image on Eggplant colored paper in Versa Mark. I stamped the images with Wendy Vecchi red Geranium embossing powder. Next came the letters cut out on my circuit (birthday cake font) in black and Red Glitter paper.

I then created the layer for each tag. Before you assign layers, I grabbed my Cropodile and punched holes and added eyelets to the top of the tags.

I used the memories R Us black eyelets. Next, I attached the paper layer to the codes. After that came the decoration of the codes. I colored some white magnolia flowers from really reasonable Ribbon in Tim Holtz wears lipstick. When them dried, I then decorated each label with cream twine, Tim Holtz typed tokens, a red glitter bird, G45 keys, buttons (buttons Galore & more), a Tim Holtz arrow and a Tim Holtz glass bottle filled with Ranger purple Embossing powder for love Potion # 9. At this time I had the main part of the banner. I decided then that I wanted to use the heart as a pause between “Be” and “Mine.” I attached the heart with a bulb pin. The heart had created from the memory box heart dies and I filled it and stitched it in his hand.

I then added to the ATC kraft paper tags covering them in Tim Holtz Symphony substance. I blow holes and added eyelets for them. I took then Tim Holtz # 219 stamp. With the help of Wendy Vecchi red Geranium archival ink I used “I love us” stamp and stamped it on fabric covered roof. On the second fabric covered roof stamped I “you” from “you and me” stamp. I stamped the “do” from “make a wish.” I stamped the “w” and “y: from” you and me “to create” my. ” Next I stamped “sings” by means of the different letters in “Congratulations” to create the word SING (“s” at the end, “in” toward the end and “ng” on the cover). I then threaded a Maya Road wooden heart and linked it, so to speak, said “you make my heart sing.”

I then finished ATC tags off with some Embellishment. Finally, I added some hanging “jewels” with bulb pins (I’ve had these in my basement forever and I have finally found a use for them).

I think that’s all.

Some Great Baby Shower Icebreaker Games

December 10, 2016 • Jocelyn

On a great baby shower, there are always guests that are not known by everyone else. It does sometimes a rather awkward situation where some of the guests break into small groups and refuses to interfere with everyone else.

A great way to avoid this is to start with some ice breaker games for baby shower. These games are designed to get people to mingle, do things together physically and basically just get everyone to know each other. There are quite a few interesting and fun baby shower icebreaker game that you can use or adapt to fit baby shower and guests.

An unusual puzzle is a variation on the question asked to test people’s creativity. Gather some typical baby supplies like diapers, diaper cream, baby powder, cotton buds, rattles etc. Has a good selection of different types of things with a maximum of about 15 pieces.

When all have gathered together, present all of the different items on a tray. Ask each one to come up with an unusual use for each item. You will be surprised at the ideas that people come up with, when you tell them that it needs to be a practical or logical use!

The Human Knot

Another fun baby shower ice breaker games are the human knot. Also known as “Tied in knots,” this simple game requires no special preparations. Just have all guests meet in the center of the room and meet each other in a circle. Get them to close their eyes and stretch their hands and grab the hand of someone else in the group, with each hand. Just see that each of their hands are held by two different people!

Then ask them to open their eyes and untangle themselves without letting go of their partners. Usually, teasing the back into a circle, although there may be a few smaller circles, who could turn away.

  • A word of caution – check the participants ‘ physical capacity and also make sure that they are dressed for this. This game may be more suitable for a relaxed baby shower or one that will be held outdoors.

A more challenging but less physical baby shower ice breaker game is one that uses no words. Group the guests into teams of five to a small party or ten for a larger one. The members are each assigned a number from one to ten and are not allowed to display the number for everyone in their group. They must then arrange themselves from one to ten without speaking and without using their fingers.

When they’ve got through round follows a harder challenge. Still without speaking, they must arrange themselves alphabetically by using the letters of their first names. The first team to perform both tasks correctly is the winner.

Just open with an ice breaker games at the beginning of baby shower do much in helping guests loosen up a bit and mingle with the other people at the party that they didn’t really know all too well.

Me And Bowie

December 1, 2016 • Jocelyn

When I was 13, I gave myself a shag hairstyle over the Easter holiday.

They published a how-to instructions in a magazine for teenage girls.

When I came back to school, they made fun of me because I looked like David Bowie on the album’s cover art of Hunky Dory. I don’t mind-he was a British rock star!

It was cool and I wasn’t hurt!

In early 1976, it happened again. I got the newly famous Hamill wedge cut, and leaving the salon, went past the record store I was immediately mocked for being a twin to the front of the Young Americans.

This time, I not only do not mind, but actively took fashion cues from his androgynous style. When you are a teenager with a figure described as “flat as a Board” and still higher than most of the boys, was androgyny rather natural.

Bowie influenced me in more ways than just fashion. Back in the 70s I knew only what I read in music magazines; in the 80s, what was reported on MTV and VH1. I pictured him as a chameleon, a rebel, a person who could change from a fluidly style to the other, never caring what the creation idea, only after his muse. I wanted to be there to do it, and in many ways, I’ve incorporated the feeling into my life.

Thanks for sharing your creativity with alien world, David. I always say, I have no heroes; but we can be heroes, just for one day. Rest in peace my friend.

You Got To Start Somewhere

November 29, 2016 • Jocelyn

So I need to start somewhere and then I will go from there.

I finally bought me some crochet hooks and started learning to crochet. I got a set of metal ones, because I like the design of them more. Now I’ve got every crochet hook I could possibly need for a while. Maybe I’ll eventually learn to crochet well, rather than just the chain I can do now. I just need to get used to what it’s supposed to look like.

Cold death is gone! OK, not completely gone, I am still a bit stuffy. but no more wicked sore throat, I can actually taste things again, and I do not cough every 4 seconds.

New Around Here

November 28, 2016 • Jocelyn

So, I’ve finally gotten on blog, yes, I’m so behind, but better late than never, I guess.

What do you call someone who would be an early adopter but procrastinates too much? That was rhetorical, don’t all scream my name.

Christmas is a week away, I’m so happy, I can’t even see any more wrapping paper. It’s not that bad, I’m just giving in to all of the Christmas spirit and went a little overboard like I tend to do. Even though I love crafting I don’t like wrapping and I don’t give my crafts as gifts.

Someone just called, apologized for calling so late, and asked for Dan. He was old sounding and I think Dan must have been related to him. Not sure but I thought it was something serious becuase it is not almost nine o’clock. He did apologize for calling so late.